Street Art

In this section I’ll be showcasing street art from around the world and the equipment you’ll need to make your own great art.

I hope you take away some ideas and get some inspiration. Maybe one day it’ll be your art I’m showcasing.

Street Art by Rmerism in Cardiff, UK
Artist Unknown

Taking inspiration from street art, Stencil1 Stencils feature bold, graphic designs that add oomph to any art, craft, or décor project.

From fine art to custom furniture, these stencils make a statement on many surfaces. Use them on canvas, clothing, pillows, walls, and more for a one-of-a-kind look. Some stencils feature a single image while others feature repeating patterns. The repeat-pattern stencils are perfect for creating awesome DIY wallpaper effects.


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Artist Unknown
Ophelia by Borondo in London

Combining genuine artist-grade pigments with innovative, anti-drip, Flowmaster Vari-Valve technology, Molotow Urban Fine-Art Artist Acrylic Spray Paint is the world’s first fine-art-optimized creative spray range. Permanent, lightfast, and UV-resistant, it is made in Germany in a brilliant palette of 63 colors, including exciting fluorescents and metallics.

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ROA Hasselt, Belgium
Dwill, Sao Paulo, Brasil
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The slight texture on these black latex gloves allows for a better grip and reduces slippage, perfect for use with Montana Hardcore Paint Markers or Montana Gold Spray Paints.

These disposable, powder-free gloves come in convenient dispensers of 100

Artist - Derby Blue
Art by Fintan Magee
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Unique and rugged, the Itoya SKUTR Art & Spray Can Bag holds up to 12 spray paint cans, plus a sketchbook, markers, tools, and extra spray nozzles.

The main compartment opens 180° for easy access to your cans. A patent-pending magnet design on durable elastic holders silences metal can agitators. It holds 10 standard sized spray cans, and internal zipper pockets store additional supplies. Heavy-duty external zippers accommodate the weight of the spray cans.

Doudou Style vs Jean Roole, Bordeaux, France
Pichu & Avo, The North West Walls, Werchter, Belgium

Call it art, self-expression or lowbrow art…there’s no question that graffiti art is a movement. Popularized as an art form by rebel artists and admirers of the style, the only thing graffiti art lacked was a way to take it with you…until now, that is!

New from Crescent, Graffiti Paper accepts spray paints, paint markers, alcohol-based markers, and acrylics, with a smooth, bleed-proof surface that won’t dry out your marker tips.

Choose wall-sized rolls or spiral-bound sketch pads, for experimenting inside and out. Paper is 90 lb (150 gsm) weight.

Graffiti Paper Pad — Each pad is spiral bound and contains 25 sheets.

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Art by Sabotaje Al Montaje in Tenerife
Art by Elmac in Boston, USA
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One4All — the name stands for versatility and the most innovative, revolutionary paint system in the world. This highly pigmented, solvent-free hybrid paint covers nearly every indoor or outdoor surface.

Molotow One4All paint is UV-resistant and highly lightfast, great for outdoor use. The refillable markers feature Molotow’s patented Flowmaster pump-valve that ensures a continuous ink flow for quick application.

Art by Findac, Adelaide, Australia
Art by Saner, Philadelphia, USA

An ideal tool for contemporary urban calligraphy and ultra wide line work, Montana Ultra Wide offers a spray width variation from approximately 6″ (15 cm) if applied rapidly at close range to approximately 23½” (60 cm) if applied slowly and at a greater distance from your painting surface.

The specially developed yellow Ultra Wide calligraphy spray cap, which is set in horizontal spray position, is designed to maximize vertical stroke application — letting you achieve a vertical spray reach of up to 2 meters (6.6 ft) higher than final stroke height.

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Art by Toulbroc'h in France
Political Art in Greece

Made using highest quality raw materials, Ironlak Spray Paint is a great value. Developed with user and environmental safety in mind, it contains less VOC’s than competing brands.

Known worldwide for bright colors and excellent coverage, Ironlak adheres to almost all surfaces, indoors and out. The 400 ml (13.5 oz) cans offer crisp control, and the paint dries quickly to a brilliant gloss finish.

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The Cage by Alexis Diaz in East London
Collaboration Between INTI & Alexis Diaz for O-BRA festival, Sao Paulo, Brasil
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Take your painting beyond the norm with revolutionary Sennelier Abstract Acrylics.

These highly pigmented, heavy body acrylics come in a unique pouch that’s not only economical but doubles as a painting tool. You can squeeze paint directly onto canvas, paper, panels, and any other suitable surface — ideal for urban art, large murals, or abstract expressionism. The colors offer great coverage and luminous transparency.

Sennelier Abstract Acrylics come in a range of 60 colors, including 36 satin-finish colors, 12 high-gloss colors, six iridescents, and six fluorescents. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Art by Aryz Priapus & Demeter, Granollers, Spain
Art by Boa Mistur in Cape Town, South Africa

More Street art will be added weekly, so if you like what you see remember to bookmark this page. – 2019

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