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Hi there, here’s the quick story of why I started this blog.

 It all started when my daughter asked me about all the art we used to do together when she was a child, she loved it and so did I, something I’d actually forgotten about, how much I did love that time. Now as a mother herself, she not only wanted to teach her kids the skills but also have that special bonding time with them too, as we both had.
But that wasn’t what made me do this blog, it was only after we got talking to family and friends and they also shared our interest, they all started asking questions about what to buy, where best to buy it and of course ideas on what to do. So my daughter suggested doing this blog as a way of reaching everyone. I’ll also be looking out for new things to do and new techniques, 
So, if you’re a friend, a family member, or neither, then welcome all and I hope you enjoy.

First off, what basics do we need? Some or all of these you all might already have in your homes but there’s no harm in going through this checklist anyway.

– UPDATE – I’m very proud to announce that I am now an affiliate partner with one of the countries largest art suppliers, the superb Dick Blick

Scissors – If you have small children it would be wise to get a pair of blunt tipped kids scissors

A Hole Punch – If you haven’t ‘borrowed’ one from your office, then this is a great little thing to have. Not only do kids love punching holes in things, you can use the punched out chips on so much artwork.

A Stapler – Another item you might already have ‘borrowed’ from your work place. You’d be amazed how handy this item is, especially as a fixer when things go wrong.

A Tape Dispenser – I’ll assume you already have the tape but most people don’t think about the dispenser. Not only is it much easier for the little ones to get a clean piece of untangled tape but the amount of times we need a bit of tape and we’ve only got one free hand, trust me, this will save a whole bucket load of under-breath cursing.

Masking Tape – Ordinary scotch tape most of will have but masking tape is so versatile, it can act as a second pair of hands, holding down the edges of paper. It’s great for marking out borders and if you use it to hang some art on your walls, it won’t take the paint or paper off when you take it down.

Pencils – These set of graphite pencils are just perfect for everyday sketching and drawing.

You of course can pick up

Charcoal pencils

Watercolor pencils 

Mechanical pencils

Pencil Sharpener – Yeah, I know it sounds obvious but you only realize you haven’t got one when you need one. Also, not all pencil sharpeners are equal, the best one I’ve found is the double barreled ones, this two-step sharpener first takes away the wood, then the second finely sharpens the graphite. You can also get the ones that hold the shavings in, trust me there’ll be more than enough to clean up afterwards.

Eraser – Again this sounds obvious but did you think about it? You can get so many fun ones for the kids, but for me, I like the old fashioned kneaded eraser.

Glue-Dabbers – Kids like using these glue dabbers and I do too. They’re perfect for small jobs, where you don’t want to over-glue, this one dries clear and they claim it lasts the same as five glue pens, so great value for money.

Paper – If you’re just starting out then you could just pick up a sketch pad, personally I know the kids love these colored papers, of course when it comes to paper there’s a huge selection, from fine art paper to actual canvas.

OK Let’s jump straight in, here’s 26 great ideas for art projects with the kids. However ignore the one about making slime with glue and shaving cream, it will work, just, but it’ll be really sticky.

So let’s call this 25 great ideas….

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